Aya Shisa Ama Teki

A day on the set of the movie Aya Shisa Ama Teki.

It was fun, long and tiring all at the same time!

Bringing set items and seeing what the end product looked like was one of my most rewarding experiences at AFDA Durban, please take a look at the pictures at this link.


Boho Goth

So subcultures and all that jazz! I always thought that being part of a subculture in fashion is lame… It’s hard to find a subculture to like if you find something cool about many subcultures.

Like Kicks or hippie feathers and don’t forget goth eyeliner! But until, now and to be honest not quite even a month ago, had I thought that I would want to belong to one single subculture.

This may not be a fact but in my opinion, people find it easier to accept you as a person if they can understand what subculture you are part of. If you’re like me and wear a little bit of everything, it sends out mixed signals and people get confused…

People don’t like to be confused…

So after rigorous research (not really)… After browsing Pinterest for a very long time;I was able to find a subculture that I identified most with when it came to wardrobe – Boho Goth.

Boho (Bohemian) style is awesome, an unconventional style that’s unique and beautifully crazy, and when its mixed with the dark goth style of black and boots it becomes something amazing!

Check my Pinterest Page for a collection of Boho Goth Pics 😛

The Cry No More Killer

The Crime

Three women were found dead within the span of six months. The post mortem indicated that they died due to morphine overdose, furthermore their tear ducts were removed before they were died and their bodies posed at the scenes of the crimes. Lead investigator on the case, detective Jeff Langley, stated that they were pursuing all possible leads and had narrowed down the suspects to just three people. Meanwhile the public is holding its breath, in hope that the ‘Cry No More Killer ’, is caught before he takes another life.

DSC04018DSC04009DSC04029 (2)

Special Agent Jeff Langley was the lead investigator of these crimes. It was due to his ingenuity that Jasper Allitt was caught. Jasper moved twice, before being caught in the third murder location, this usually methodical and calculating killer could not wait to kill his final victim, before making his arrangements to flee to another part of the country. This is believed to be, because his final victim was most alike in his mind to his abusive mother. His mother was a pediatric nurse that killed four children and grievously harmed another seven children, if she ever attempted to kill her own son is unknown, however during a psychoanalysis of Jasper it was revealed that it was a rule that you were not allowed to cry and if you did she would beat him excessively.

Special Agent Jeff Langley

After Jasper’s mother was incarcerated in British Prison, he was sent to live with his distant relatives is America, when he was five years old, where he flourished and in his later years became a leading expert in Pediatric Surgery. Though seemingly a normal and nice doctor, he was often described by fiends and co-workers as aloof and distant. The murders started to occur after he operated on on a five year old boy that had to him seemed to have an abusive mother, the child did unfortunately not survive the surgery and this set off a trigger within Jasper. He then convinced the mother to go out with him for coffee, where he spiked her drink, took her to the murder location and after dosing her up on enough morphine to kill her, he would cut out her tear ducts with expert surgical precision.

Jasper Allitt

This pattern of killing occurred twice more, in the exact same fashion, it was then that the FBI BA Hound Unit was called in to solve the murders and Jasper was caught soon after.

He was sentenced to life in a criminal psychiatric facility after psychoanalysis confirmed that he had severe PSTD and Bi-Polar Disorder.

Let’s Make Some Blood!

Making blood is not easy, there’s many things you need to keep in mind while making you bubbling brew! For instance, what is the right consistency and colour? Will it have to go in the actor’s mouth or not? Will it stain clothes? And where in heavens name is the red food colouring??

What You’ll Need:

  • Red and Green Food Colouring
  • Coco Powder
  • Cornflour
  • Milk/Water
  • A Pot
  • A Whisk
  • Measuring Spoons
  • Mixing Spoons
  • A Stove Top/Microwave
  • A Container

Make a thin cornflour mixture in the pot, according to the measurements on the cornflour packaging, heat it over the stove top or in the microwave till its ready. Then have fun adding the red colouring and coco powder until you get a shade of blood red that you are satisfied with!

DSC04001  DSC04003 Is your blood the right colour??? The tedious process of finding the right shade of red…

What I plan to do for the Serious Serial Killer Photo Shoot…. Oooh Spooky!


It’s OKAY to make something ugly

When At First You Don’t Succeed Try , Try And Try Again. This may not be said for a simple crafty piece of set dressing you are trying to make, sure it’s good to try and make a new piece, but trying to add onto something to make it look better and just end up making it look worse is what happened in my case.

Maybe some more planning would have helped, but I felt inspired by pretty pictures on the internet, and to be honest those craft websites are very misleading! Making something pretty is not as easy as it looks!                                          DSC03998

In the pictures below we seen my fellow PD and CMS Students all crafting away to make something that could be called a piece of set dressing.DSC03995 DSC03996 DSC03997

And of course then there’s Barry trying to make some realistic looking blood for our next assignment. (Bearing in mind that we had limited blood making resources on the day)DSC03999

All in all the craft making day was an enjoyable experience and personally I feel that it is something I would love to look into as a prospective future course of studying in second year.

The set dressing was supposed to tie in with our PD (Production Design) mood boars. Learning about mood boards has been one of my favourite parts of the subject, before a month ago, I didn’t even know they existed and now the world makes so much more sense! Also the use of different types of colour use in advertising in film has been an eye opener!

Hoping to learn much more in the time to come!

Subculture Assignment

0d15ab1f6fe32b8ef5ee977724b286f5 6a9870d95c5ae604a1d9f081f109b052 11693997_10152885687585044_486701579553638671_n rollerderby_9What is roller derby?
Roller Derby is not just a competitive sport, but also a lifestyle. It is easy to define subcultures from the know norms, like rugby jocks or body building maniacs, but when the subculture comes from a lesser known source it is harder for society to accept what is different and perhaps even revolutionary – Roller Derby.
Roller Derby as a subculture is defined by the women who play it, women who come from alternative style back rounds. What happens when a bunch of unique women come together to do something they love? This is the basis of what roller derby consists of; a passion for the sport, a passion for female empowerment and a passion for your teammates.
Roller Derby was created in the 1920’s as a new fetish for the American people; the ultimate fantasy of having girls fight, while wearing tight and revealing clothes. The sport started to lose its popularity and by the 1980’s it was completely nonexistent. However at the turn of the century a few enthusiasts came together and breathed new life into the seemingly dead sport. The new age roller girls drew inspiration from naughty costumes to scary monsters and burlesque to punk music scenes. These influences created a new identity for Roller Derby, now it was all about the image of being a tough, strong and have the power to be sexy without becoming a thing for men to objectify.
Since 2000 to 2013, over 900 Roller Derby leagues have been created; it is now one of the fastest growing women’s sports in the world. Roller Derby style has some basic elements that all players need, if you don’t have padding, then you’re not doing Roller Derby. The basic setup includes knee and elbow pads, wrist guards, a helmet and a mouth guard and don’t forget your quad skates. These items can be customized according to skater from the colour of your laces to the shape of your toe stops. Almost all the skating products were created by girls who do Roller Derby, designed by Roller Derby girls for Roller Derby girls.

Youth Cultures and Subcultures: Australian Perspectives